Changes to Refuse Collection Routes w/c 22nd October

Northumberland County Council have conducted a review of their refuse collection routes to take into account the additional 11,500 properties that have been built in Northumberland since 2011/12 and added to their refuse collection routes.  In response to this growing demand the Council's 2018/19 revenue budget has made provision for two additional refuse collectoin vehicles and crews.

Following the review the County Council has developed a new 'optimised' refuse collection routes to ensure this front line service is delivered in the ost cost efficient and effective way whilst minimising the environmental impacts of waste collectio, improving service performance & reliability, designing out health and safety risks where possible, and ensuring the workloads are evenly and fairly balanced between vehicle crews.

Data from the revised routes confirm that 168 properties in the Acklington Parish will be affected by a collection date change.

The attached map indicates households in the parish that will experience  a change in their day of collection.

The light blue dots indicate that residents will have their bin collected two days later than normal.

For the avoidance of doubt, no residents will thave their bins collected three days earlier than normal.