Acklington Community Team

The Acklington Community Team is all about working together, having fun and making Acklington Parish a great place to live in. We organise events like the Christmas Fayre, May Day Sale, Summer Concert and Burns Supper. Through our events we raise money to support village projects, buy things like play equipment, and invest in PA and projection equipment for use in the village hall.

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ACT is always looking to improve our community and enhance the quality of life for all parishioners. New ideas and new projects are always welcome. If you would like to support the work of the community team, or have any suggestions for events, then please contact one of the team. Alison Williams (H:01670 760771. M:07473 188333). Alison Sharpe (H:01670 761451. M:07975 892952). Sean Malone (H:01670 760150. M:07836 357794)

Acklington Footpath Restoration Plan

Acklington Parish Council is launching a Restoration Plan to bring all 19 footpaths in the parish up to a minimum standard:-

1 metre wide footpaths, free of overhanging trees, invasive hedging and overgrown vegetation.

Well maintained stiles, gates and footbridges.

Easy to access, with clear footpath signage.

Drop in eventSaturday 8th June, 10am - 12 noon, at Acklington Village Hall

Acklington Litter Pick

Litter thrown from cars is a horrible menace: polluting the environment, endangering wildlife and blighting our beautiful village. But, with your help we can clear this tidal wave of rubbish. Please come and join us on Saturday 11th April, and help keep Acklington looking smart, clean and rubbish free.

Meet at the Village Hall on Saturday 11th April at 10:00am. Everybody welcome. Picking sticks, gloves and high-vis vests provided. Free tea & coffee for everyone.

Acklington Parish Council Footpath Restoration Working Party

The goal is to ensure that every footpath in Acklington Parish is well maintained, easy to access and free of obstruction. No single person, or organisation can do this on their own, it requires teamwork

8 Footpath Volunteers braved the rain on Saturday 22nd February to clear the pavement leading to the start of Footpath 101/010. The team cleared overgrown thorn bushes, briars and vegetation. Thanks to their hard work, everyone can now enjoy an unobstructed access to Footpath 101/010 – and onwards to Rake Lane.

The Footpath Restoration Working Party is all about teamwork

A small team of people making a big difference; enabling everyone to enjoy walking the footpaths which surround Guyzance and Acklington villages.

There was a long-term issue of contractors cultivating 3 X fields, up to and over the 1.5 metre wide field-edge on Footpath 101/010. We worked collaboratively with the landowner to solve the problem; Pigdon Farm generously supplied the marker posts, and we deployed and painted them on Saturday 8th February. 

Marker posts have been driven into the ground, 1.5 metres from the boundary fence, or “natural boundary” of the hedge – a clear guide to future tractor drivers to avoid accidently cutting into the footpath.