Northumberland County Council launches online resources for home learning

Northumberland County Council’s Education and Skills team has launched online learning resources to support children while they are not attending school.
After identifying a demand from parents, the online service was developed to provide 
useful information and links to local and national resources in one place, while face to face lessons cannot take place. 

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Northumberland tips to reopen with restrictions in place

Northumberland County Council have announced today that it will reopen their Household Waste Recovery Centres (HWRC) from Monday 4 May following an agreement with SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, the company that operates the sites. The tips will initially offer a restricted service in line with Government guidance on reopening HWRCs. 

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Acklington Community Team Coronavirus Community Helpline

The Acklington Community Team (ACT) is a long-established community organisation. Working in conjunction with Acklington Parish Council and St John the Divine Church we have set up a Coronavirus Community Hotline. By calling a telephone number, local residents can gain access to a range of services: doing some shopping, collecting a prescription, walking the dog, or just talking to a friendly voice on the telephone.


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The Footpath Restoration Working Party is all about teamwork

A small team of people making a big difference; enabling everyone to enjoy walking the footpaths which surround Guyzance and Acklington villages.

There was a long-term issue of contractors cultivating 3 X fields, up to and over the 1.5 metre wide field-edge on Footpath 101/010. We worked collaboratively with the landowner to solve the problem; Pigdon Farm generously supplied the marker posts, and we deployed and painted them on Saturday 8th February. 

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Acklington Parish Council Footpath Restoration Working Party

The goal is to ensure that every footpath in Acklington Parish is well maintained, easy to access and free of obstruction. No single person, or organisation can do this on their own, it requires teamwork

8 Footpath Volunteers braved the rain on Saturday 22nd February to clear the pavement leading to the start of Footpath 101/010. The team cleared overgrown thorn bushes, briars and vegetation. Thanks to their hard work, everyone can now enjoy an unobstructed access to Footpath 101/010 – and onwards to Rake Lane.

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Vehicle Activated Speed Sign - Acklington Road

A new interactive speed sign is to be installed at Acklington Road/North Broomhill within the Acklington Parish in an effort to reduce the
speed of traffic entering the 30mph zone. The sign will be funded by County Councillor Jeff Watson from his members’ budget. The sign has a five year warranty following which the cost of maintenance will be met by the parish council. Two interactive speed signs are also due to be installed at each end of Acklington village. The cost will be covered through futurehousing development.

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Speak Up 2020 - Healthwatch northumberland

Have your say on local NHS, health and social care services in the Healthwatch Northumberland Annual Survey 2020.  It might be a new year but your experiences from 2019 still matter. Health services include hospital services, GPs, dentists, pharmacists, mental health and ambulance services. Social care is care in the home or in a residential or nursing care home.

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Parish Council Agreed Precept for 2020-21

The Parish Council is open and transparent about the way it manages its finances.  The Council’s finances are monitored on a day to day basis by the Responsible Financial Officer. 

Precept –  The Parish Council receives the majority of its income through the precept; an annual sum of money collected with the Council Tax by Northumberland County Council. The precept, set by the Parish Council in January, for 2020/21 is £7,500.  This equates to approx. £31.50 per Band D property per year.

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Remembrance Services in Acklington Parish

Remembrance services - Sunday 10th November 2019

10.45am – St John The Devine, Acklington,


A church service in memory of each and every person who lost their lives in wartime, including those from the parish of Acklington.


12.30pm - Guyzance Bridge, near Acklington (adjacent to the weir)

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Proposed reforms to permitted development rights to support the deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport are consulting on the principle of amending permitted development rights to grant planning permission for mobile infrastructure to support deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage, and the circumstances in which it would be appropriate. The consultation paper is at the link below. The consultation closes on 4 November 2019.

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