Plan of Land proposed to be included in Transfer from Bellway to Parish Council

ICO Freedom of Information Act (2000) Decision Notice 23 February 2021 - Case Reference IC-44290-F6M3

Decision (including any steps ordered)

1. The complainant requested from Felton Parish Council (“the Council”) information relating to a printer bought by the Council in 2013 and disposed of in 2019. The Council subsequently located some information which related to part 2 of the request and provided this to the complainant. With regard to the remaining parts of the request, the Council stated that this information was not held.

2. The Commissioner’s decision is that on the balance of probabilities, the Council does not hold any recorded information falling within parts 1 and 3 of the request. Therefore, the Commissioner does not require the Council to take any steps as a result of this decision.

Notice of Election

Additional Meeting Papers - 1 April 2019

Parish Council - Additional Meeting Papers - 4 June 2018

General Data Protection Regulation