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Memorial Stone Policy and Application Form








In November 2018, Haltwhistle Town Council commissioned a memorial stone to be built as part of the commemoration of 100 years since World War One. The purpose of the stone is to recognise those who have died in service to their country since the end of World War Two with a plaque.

It is for post 1945 veterans to see there is a remembrance stone honouring their service and in particular honouring those who lost their lives.



In order for a name to be included certain criteria have to be met.

  1. The veteran must have been a resident of Haltwhistle or the locality1 at the time of service.
  2. For Armed Forces: The full name, regiment, year and place of death, and Rank must be provided.
  3. For Auxiliary Service: The full name, auxiliary service, year of death, service or conflict in which they died.





The Council will meet the cost of producing and installing the plaque and it will be in keeping with those already in place.




All nominations will be given due consideration for inclusion by Haltwhistle Town Council. Verification will be carried out for all nominations.

Please contact a councillor or the council office for further information and a nomination form.




1 Locality includes: The area covered by the previous Rural District Council which included in 1955:

Bardon Mill, Coanwood, Featherstone, Greenhead, Plenmeller with Whitfield and Slaggyford.

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