Tyne Valley Area Forum with Karbon Homes

Karbon Homes are developing new ways to connect with their tenants and are keen to spread the word. They want to share information about what they do as a company and how they are performing so that their tenants are better informed as well as finding out what is going on in communities and finding about the issues their tenants face - not on an individual basis (they have other routes for that) but on an area basis. What issues do Karbon residents in Haltwhistle face?


Chair Report 2021-2022

Haltwhistle Town Council

Chairman’s Report 2021/2022


The last year has still been a difficult time due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  People are still very nervous about COVID and although the restrictions have been lifted during the last few months many people are still cautious about adapting back to previous routines.  I am proud to say that the community of Haltwhistle have worked very hard to continue to care and support one another during this time.


West Northumberland Councils Working Together for the Jubilee

West Northumberland Councils Working Together for the Jubilee


In commemoration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, five councils have joined forces to purchase china commemoration mugs for the children in their local schools. Haltwhistle Town Council, Henshaw, Bardon Mill, Plenmeller with Whitfield Parish and Greenhead Parish councils chose a china mug depicting the Queen on her coronation.

Connect With the Police

I am the Assistant Chief Constable for Northumbria Police with the lead for Communities in our region. This means that a large amount of my work is focused on listening to, and tackling the policing issues in your Neighbourhood. I would like to invite you to help shape how we do this.
Northumbria Connected is our new tool to ensure that we are delivering on the issues that affect all our communities across the North East.
We want to understand the issues that most impact you so that we can shape our Neighbourhood Policing to tackle them where you live.

The War In Ukraine

More than 2.5 million people have fled their homes to escape conflict in Ukraine. Leaving behind jobs, belongings and loved ones, they now face an uncertain future.

At Ukraine’s borders with Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, huge numbers of people are arriving with only what they can carry.

Intense conflict in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of civilians across the country. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost.

Northumberland County Council Reading for Wellbeing

Reading for Wellbeing is a project to explore how stories and reading can offer comfort, escape, laughter and inspiration in difficult times. Author Ann Cleeves is working with Public Health and the Library Service to ensure that everyone has access to free books and to groups that offer stories and friendship.We offer the companionship of like-minded people in a safe, confidential setting where you can lose yourself in a book, escape from the everyday, make friends and find a listening ear.

Haltwhistle Town Council Precept 2022-2023

The Town Council discussed the precept at the recent meeting on 7th January 2022. In this year they have made the usual grant donations and paid towards the Burn Field Cycle Track. There are a couple more projects that members are confident will be completed before the year end. 

A new climbing frame has been purchased to replace the one at Westlands play area. The wetpour is to be replaced on 3 of the sites on The Comb Hill.

The Burn Field Village Green

The Burn Field Village Green

Cycle Track