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Kyloe Parish covers an area of approximately 10,000 acres, stretching westwards from the foreshore opposite Holy Island towards the Kyloe Hills.  At its western extremity it includes the area between the Berrington and Dean Burns, and is bounded in the north by Ancroft and Haggerston.  Fenham Hill overlooks both Holy Island and the low lying coastal strip, much of which forms part of the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve and European Network of Protected Sites. The coastal area lies within the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Kyloe Woods are part of an important Red Squirrel Reserve.

Most of the population lives in dispersed settlements associated with older established farming communities.  The main population centres are Fenwick, Beal and Berrington.  At the 2011 Census the population was 338, compared with more than a thousand in the mid-19th Century – an indication of the decline in the need for agricultural labour.

Close to its coastal area the Parish is traversed by the East Coast main railway line and the A1 Trunk Road, as well as National Cycle Route No. 1.  St. Cuthbert’s Way, the Melrose to Holy Island long distance footpath, and the Sandstone Way, a Hexham to Berwick mountain biking route, cross the Parish.

Agriculture and tourism are the principal areas of economic activity.  The majority of farms are now individually owned, or tenanted, medium sized arable holdings, but with some livestock rearing.  There is a limited degree of commercial forestry in Kyloe Woods

The Parish contains a significant number of listed buildings.  There is evidence of Iron Age settlement, and Neolithic and Bronze Age artefacts have also been found.  The Devil’s Causeway, the Roman road which linked Hadrian’s Wall with the Tweed, passed through the western edge of the Parish.  In Medieval times Lindisfarne Priory exercised considerable influence over the area.

St. Nicholas Church, positioned on rising ground, is a local landmark, the present building replacing a Norman church in 1792.  It is now a private dwelling.

Kyloe Parish is within the Norham and Islandshire division of Northumberland County, although it was regarded as part of Durham until 1844.  The Fenham area was incorporated into the Parish in 1880.

The Parish Council is composed of 7 councillors, including one representative of the Berrington Ward, and normally meets in Lowick Village Hall.

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