Longframlington Parish Council

Longframlington lies on the A697 between Morpeth and Wooler in Northumberland. It is situated at the top of the south-facing side of the Coquet valley. This defensible location has made it a desirable location for humans for thousands of years. Their earliest traces are found in the rock art they left on boulders. The village has always been near road links since the Romans built their road nearby and later a Toll road was constructed to link Newcastle to Edinburgh. Employment has mainly been agricultural with quarrying and iron smelting the main industries until the commercial mining of coal in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The settlement developed into the village we see today from the 19th century when a few imposing houses were built followed by houses and shops in the centre. This development has never stopped and the village community today is as strong as ever with many small businesses and active societies.

Longframlington is closely linked with the adjoining parish of Brinkburn and Hesleyhurst which has its own parish council.

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