Adamson Park, Church View Play Area and the MUGA will be re-opening from 4th July 2020


These are unsupervised areas and as such allowing children to use the playground and equipment is done so at parents own risk.


  • Adherence to the current Social Distancing rules in force must be maintained at all times
  • Parents must bring their own hand sanitisers and surface wipes (to clean equipment before and after use)
  • Only 1 family member should accompany a child at any given time
  • Consumption of food and drink in the area is not allowed
  • Hands should be sanitised at the beginning and end of play
  • Parents should use their own judgement as to whether their child should wear a face covering
  • Users are reminded no to touch their faces, and to cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm if tissues are not available
  • Users are reminded not to put their mouths on equiment or hands into their mouths