Rennington Parish Council

Rennington Parish includes Rock, Stamford and Broxfield.  Historically Rennington and Rock were recorded as Townships in the past, being very much separate entities, being in different land ownerships,  both are considered small villages now. Stamford and Broxfield were considered hamlets in their own right, both are now regarded as Farmsteads.

The boundaries of the Parish extend to Embleton Mill in the East, just crossing over the A1 to the West,  extending almost to Charlton Mires in the North and almost stretching to Silvermoor Farm in the South. The main character of the Parish being the extensive surrounding farmland rising to the higher ground of Rock.

Rennington Parish Council consists of 10 councillors who all currently live in the and hold council meetings  approximately every 6 weeks throughout the year. The meetings are usually held in the Rennington Village Hall on a Thursday Evening starting at 7.30pm to consider issues affecting our community. Particularly planning and highway issues and what we can do to improve on the existing facilities and meet the needs of all the residents of the Parish, the councillors welcome the public to attend the meetings.

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Rennington Annual Parish Meeting

20 May 2021 - 7:00pm