The link to the document pack for the planning meeting at which Prudham Quarry was granted planning permission:


The conditions start at page 45 and are followed by a page of non-binding “informatives” on page 53. Condition 10 (page 47) states that the opening hours will be 8am to 5pm during the summer and 9am to 4pm during the winter, with no Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday working at any time of the year. Lorries will come and go between 9am and 3pm. 


The amendments and additions to the conditions which were made on the day of the planning committee were as follows:


Amendment to Condition 12: The total number of heavy goods movements shall not exceed 3 movements into the site and 3 movements from the site on any day.


Amendment to Condition 21: A report shall be submitted to the Mineral Planning Authority on a monthly basis for the first 12 months after the commencement of extraction and thereafter on an annual basis detailing the results of groundwater monitoring and an assessment as to whether the surface water management scheme has achieved the aims and been effective. The first such report shall be submitted not later than 2 months after the commencement of extraction.  


An additional condition to be added regarding repair and maintenance of the road from the public highway to the site entrance with the exact wording to be delegated to the Director of Planning in conjunction with the Chair.