Warkworth International Relations Group

An invitation has been extended to the Parish Council and the citizens of Warkworth Northumberland from the Warkworth International Relations Group as follows:-

"I am calling for 'Expressions of Interest' at this stage, from Councillors and residents in a proposed get-together of the Warkworth's of the World....

On behalf of the WW INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS GROUP, I would like Warkworth Northumberland, to consider an INVITATION TO VISIT WARKWORTH NEW ZEALAND in October 2019 and on the occasion when our Township Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of our Annual KOWHAI FESTIVAL.

It will be 165yrs since John Anderson Brown (Founder) purchased 153 acres of land and so named theour township Warkworth NZ. It is also some 26yrs since we signed a mutual Sister-Town Relationship between our two countries.

We will happily host any representative group/individuals. Final dates, events etc ,are yet to be finalised, based on interest to be received from UK, Ontario, Australia and Japan".

If anyone is interested in this, please contact the Clerk on the Parish Council contact details, in the first instance