Archbold Trust - funding for small project bids in Glendale

The aim of the Archbold Trust is to support individuals, groups and organisations in Wooler and the surrounding area who wish to deliver activities and/or services for the good of the local community.  The Trust has up to ten trustees, made up of the serving Parish Councillors for Wooler.

In 2013 the Archbold Trust made a capital loans investment to the Glendale Gateway Trust, which provides an interest return of £1200 per year.  This money is made available for projects which will be of benefit to Wooler and Glendale.  The trustees wish to publicly thank the Glendale Gateway Trust for their collaboration which enables the Archbold Trust to provide these funds to the people of Wooler.

The Archbold Trust was re-launched earlier this year to encourage more local groups to apply for small amounts of funding and now meets 4 times per year to consider applications.  The next meeting will be held in April 2019. 

Each application will be considered on a case by case basis and the decision to award funding will be based on the merit of the application and the perceived benefit of the project to the local community in Glendale.  The trustees are solely responsible for the decision to support an application and the level of support to be awarded. 

If you have a local project which needs funding, please contact us for an application form at