Embleton & Christon Bank

The community of Embleton & Christon Bank have a dedicted website providing residents with the Parish and visitors to the area with a comprehensive guide of:

  • Local resources
  • What's On
  • A history of Embleton and Christon Bank
  • Local publications
  • Visitor information

Visit the Community Website here for more information 




Embleton Joint Burial Committee (EJBC)

Embleton Parish Council is the lead Parish Council for the Embleton Joint Burial Commitee (EJBC).  Craster & Newton By the Sea Parish Councils comprise of the other Parish Councils within the Committee.  The EJBC oversee the management, maintenance and arrangements for Spitalford Cemetary, Embleton.  Cemetary arrangements for funerals can be found under the documents section.  

All EJBC meeting minutes, agendas and accounts are published on the Embleton Parish Council website but for further information on the Cemetary please contact the Secretary of the Committee directly